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plush horse toys

Plush Horses

Let me introduce you to the Love2Ride herd. These soft, cuddly, plush ponies don't eat a lot, and there is no stall cleaning—so you can collect as many as you want!

The horses are in order, smallest to largest, from left to right. This will give you an idea of their size.

girls horse book club

Sonrise Stable Book Club

Join the Sonrise Stable Horse Book Club and receive six shipments—each containing one book in the series, along with a horse gift. You can specify the shipment interval—once a month, every two weeks, etc. This makes a great gift for a child or grandchild!

Read more about the club...

Personalized Horse T-Shirts

personalized horse t-shirts

Select any of our t-shirt designs and have it personalized! You may add your name - and your horse's! Or the name of your 4-H club, Pony Club, trail riding club, riding stable, or any name you'd like.

Add the name to the front and the design on the back of the shirt or vice versa. Discounts available for group orders.

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Why I Love to Ride!

Lynn Baber

Lynn Baber, Amazing Grays Ministry

Living among horses is unlike anything else on earth. Horses teach us how to be honest, consistent, generous, patient, humble, bold, simple, and connect us to God's healing grace. Horses show us how to love and the power of faith. Horses always tell the truth.


Vicki Watson

Vicki Watson, Sonrise Stable/Love2Ride

I can't remember when I didn't love horses. I was obsessed with them even before I had ever ridden one. When I was young, I read every horse book in our small town's library. I dreamed about them, tried to draw them, and talked about them constantly.


Rebekah Holt

Rebekah Holt, eQuest4Truth

A love for horses was a “gift” I was born with. I was blessed with parents who recognized that I loved animals, and they supported my interest as a young girl. Learning to ride was difficult for me! Despite my fascination with horses—I was a timid, unbalanced rider.